Website Maintenance and Support Plans

No matter your budget, We have simple plans to fit your website maintenance and support requirements. 

You have a website that is crucial to your business. It generates leads, customers, and revenue (or at least it should). It’s a channel through which customers, suppliers, potential new staff, and partners will find you and engage with you. It is fundamental to the success of your business and you want peace of mind that it will be up and available for your audience 24/7 without interruption.

Essan Media will monitor your website for any changes in speed, security risks that occur through software changes, and the ever-present “bot” attacks that waste bandwidth and CPU executions at the server. With constant monitoring, your site will remain fast-loading and live. We monitor uptime and immediately address any issues with access to the site if they come up.

So why do you need website maintenance services?

All Software Is Vulnerable Software needs updating. All software, including the software that powers your website. The world is getting smaller as more of us connect to the web and that means that it is only going to get harder to keep up, let alone stay ahead of the pack. More and more websites are getting hacked and attacked, including the big players like Twitter and Facebook as well as millions of small businesses every day. It’s the nature of the world we live in and unfortunately, websites are an easy target.

The fact that WordPress powers more than 25% of all websites worldwide, is both a boon and a security problem. With so many developers making great themes, plugins and extensions for WordPress, the possibilities for unique, fast-loading websites that can include any function needed, are endless. However, it comes with a price, and that’s the tendency for hackers and nefarious online “bots” to target WordPress and its various login pages, themes and plugins.

We will create and save backups of your website according to the plan you choose; from the day it’s launched, and these backups are easy to use to restore your site to a previous version in the case that it’s compromised someday. I will also monitor security systems that I’ll have in place for your website, and keep on top of software updates for WordPress itself, as well as any plugins and themes that we use. It’s known that the majority of hacked websites were using the outdated software at the time, with known security holes. I’ll keep this from happening by keeping your software current and tested.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do it myself?

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time-consuming and a little tedious. It takes you away from what you should be doing, which is building relationships with your customers, staff, and partners. The technology continues to evolve and there is no way you can keep abreast of all the trends and developments. But that’s what we do.

What’s Included in the Maintenance Packages?

Maintenance packages include picture changes or additions as well as page updates or additions. These maintenance packages do not include entire site layout changes. Design layout changes will be determined on a per client basis. Please contact Digital Designs for a customized quote.

What is considered an update?

An update is any change made to the website. Updates done at the same time on one page or post (up to 3 items) will count as one update. For example: Changing an image, adding or deleting text, adding categories or tags on a single page or post will be considered an update.

Do we need to meet face to face?

A Face to face meeting is not necessary. All requests are done through the support page. Create and submit a ticket and we usually get it done within 48 hours from the time the ticket was submitted.

Still have questions?
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