Online Survey Services

Wanna know your customers better? Let us do the surveys for you so you can concentrate on acquiring new customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Get to know your customers better

Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee = healthy bottom line

Market Research

Know what your potential customers want

Event Planning Survey

Monitor people’s interests before planning

Education + Nonprofit Survey

Need feedback on your project?

Personal or Social Media

When you want to know what your friends think

Pick a Plan that Works for You



Distribution of the survey is done by the client. However, Essanmedia is able to distribute to a specified audience on your behalf.


We can not guarantee that your audience will participate in the survey. It’s up to you to create some incentives to attract participants.


Essanmedia is not responsible for creating questions but, we’re more than happy to make suggestions.


Essanmedia will give you a link where you can monitor the results in real-time.


We have a wide selection of templates for you to use. This gives you a good starting point.

Making Changes

You’re only allowed to make 3 changes or edits while the survey is online.


Reports are prepared according to the plan you choose. We generate a PDF of the results at the end of the survey for the basic plan and monthly for the Mid and Long-Term Plans.

Custom Branding

You’re able to use custom branding for the surveys


We’re able to embed the survey on your website.

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