Wouldn’t you love to rank on google without paying an expert to do it for you? I know I would.

Everyone I’ve talked to says that search engine optimization( SEO) is highly technical and that you need to pay an expert to do it for you.

Well, that statement is partly true and false at the same time. It is true because SEO is complicated especially for highly competitive keywords. However, I also know the statement to be false because I have shown a few non-techies how to do their own SEO and the results have been short of fantastic.

Before I show you how to dominate the Yucaipa SEO and Google ranking, I want to make a disclaimer that I am not saying that you do not need SEO experts to help you with SEO. I would not do that to myself and other Yucaipa SEO experts. All am saying is that you can take some simple steps to improve your ranking. At least until you’re able to afford an expert.

The purpose of this guide is to help you improve your web presence and ultimately your rank on Google. I hope that once you start getting more calls and business, you’ll see the importance of SEO and so you’ll hire an expert to push you even higher into the ranks.

In this article, I am going to show you the exact simple steps I use to improve ranking for many small businesses just like yours.


Searching For Yucaipa SEO Services

As a small business based right here in Yucaipa CA, many people call me or reach out to me through my website to inquire about my Yucaipa SEO services. The most common first question I get is, “How much do you charge?” Once I give them my pricing about 9 out of 10 times, I never hear back from them again.

Although the price has a lot to do with that reaction, I think the main reason why people don’t get back to me is that they can’t justify spending that amount of money on SEO especially if they’re not sure what results they’ll get after its implementation.

I hope that this guide will show you what’s possible and hopefully get you to think seriously about SEO.

What’s The Difference Between Expert And Do-It-Yourself SEO?

To answer the question above, you must first understand that when you engage an expert, you are paying for results. As an expert, my job is to make sure that you rank for the chosen keyword. This process is highly technical and involves many pieces including research, competition analysis, copywriting, and many other tasks. Proper SEO takes a lot of time and money.

However, just because you can’t afford a Yucaipa SEO expert doesn’t mean you should not try to do it yourself.
The steps below may not work for everyone, but if you have a brick and mortar or home-based business that offers products or services locally, then this article is for you.


1. Keyword Research

A keyword is a word or phrases your customers would type into the search engine to find your products or services.  A keyword can be a single word or multiple words also known as “a long-tail keyword.”

For example, a single keyword can be “Construction,” and a long-tail keyword would be, ” Home remodeling Yucaipa ca.” Any keyword with three or more words is considered a long-tail keyword.

Depending on the type of product or service you’re promoting, I highly suggest that you use long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords will be more specific to your business and will help you rank higher on Google.

Write down as many long-tail keywords as you can think of and remember to be specific to the main product or service you offer.


John has a massive crack in his driveway. He doesn’t have enough money to replace the whole drive-way, so he decides to find a contractor fix it.

What keyword or phrase do you think John should type into Google Search?

John may search for, ” Drive-way repair Yucaipa ca” or ” Concrete repair Yucaipa Ca.”

If your specialization is concrete repair and your keyword is Construction, John may have a hard time finding you on Google. The key is to find exact phrases someone would use to search for your services and products.

More Keyword Phrases Examples

Instead of “Catering Services,” use ” Wedding Catering Services Yucaipa Ca.”
Instead of “Caregiving Services,” use ” In-house Elderly Caregiving Services Yucaipa Ca.”

[Type your keyword phrases into Google Search to see if you get more suggestions.]

The next step is to select two or three keyword phrases to use on your website. In the next step, I will show you how to add the selected keyword to your website’s homepage.


2. Homepage Copy

In this step, I’m going to show you how to integrate the keywords into your website content. Website content refers to all the words or text, and images on your site.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your website content must be relevant to your keyword. The keywords must be prominent and strategically placed throughout your webpage to convince Google that your content is related to the keyword.

( Remember to write copy for your customers and not for Google) You want to make sure that your web copy makes sense and not blotted by keywords.

Keyword Prominence

Place the keyword in your page title and headings throughout your page ( preferably at the beginning of the heading tags).

Place the keywords towards the top of the page/s.
If the keywords appear in the body, you can make them prominent by making sure that they are bold or italicize.

Place your Keywords in links.
Example: instead of saying read more, I highly suggest that you write something like: “read more about our outdoor wedding catering service.

Once you’ve fine-tuned the copy on your homepage, consider adding new content, such as detailed pages, posts, and FAQs for the service or product you offer.


Outdoor Wedding Catering Yucaipa, Best Catering Services Yucaipa, Wedding Catering Services Yucaipa e.t.c.

If writing copy is not your thing, consider hiring or outsourcing a professional copywriter

Also, remember that search engines only read the text and not images. So, instead of embedding text in an image, consider adding text including your keys word to the image name and description.

Local SEO Yucaipa - Content is king

Let’s close the homepage copy step with an example.

Assume that you want to rank for the keyword, ” Wedding Catering Yucaipa CA.”

The first thing to do is to take your keyword and type it into Google Search like the image below.

Notice that as you type the keyword, Google will display some suggestions. Please write down the ones that relate to your services.

Next, hit enter and scroll to the bottom of the page as shown below.


I want you to pay attention and write down the words in bold. The image shows the following words: affordable, full-service, cheap, inland empire, outdoor, and prices.

Remember that Google is giving you some suggested words based on what people search for on Google. Therefore, I highly recommend that you use these words in your web copy to make your content even more relevant.

Once you’ve completed the homepage, I want you to create a page or pages for the services you provide. For example, a person who wants an outdoor wedding will search for outdoor wedding catering and so you want to have a page with that keyword. Having a dedicated page or post on your website will make your site more relevant to the keyword and will improve your ranking.


3. Backlinking

A backlink is a link on another website that links back to your site. This type of link is considered as a vote for your website. However, it’s important to remember that not all links are created equal. A link from a big prominent website will be more valuable than from a small site.

Quality backlinks are extremely difficult to get especially when you’re starting but, that’s not to say that you can’t build some.

The first step to building backlinks is to research all the relevant websites that could link to you. The sites you find should be your competitors but ones that would benefit by linking to you.

For example, you may look for the biggest wedding photography service provider or some wedding venues in your service area.

Once you have a list, your next step will be to write a friendly email to each of them describing the benefit their visitors would get in knowing about your business.  Your goal will be to request them to create a link to your website and that you would create a link to their website.

It is possible that a few or most of the people will not respond to your request and that’s fine. It is essential that you follow up with another email, phone call or face to face.

How to Monitor Results

There are several ways to monitor your rankings on Google. For the sake of this article, I will show you the easiest way.

Type your chosen keyword or phrase into Google and record your ranking.

It is expected that your ranking should start changing once all the steps above have been applied. Check your ranking periodically and record your findings.

Please note that you should monitor all the keywords on your website and make sure to record the results.


As you see your rankings go up, you should also see an increase in web traffic and hopefully a substantial increase in sales inquiries.

Still not sure what SEO can do for your business? I found some helpful resource for you to look at.


Still not sure what SEO can do for your business? I found some helpful resource for you to look at.

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